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No update... EDIT: Overview instead
Antheh's Book
Exams are taking away all my time at the moment.
I can't give you a continuation of MoD-RL.
I have been writing, on DC and I have made a time-line for myself while planning out the second part of MoD-RL. Posting that would just be a big spoiler ... We're not going to do that !

TTYL internet...

Whats what, whats going on, what am I working on.

Memories of Decay (RL)

I am not pleased with the first part I posted here. So I started the prologue. Which actually happens between the MoDI and MoDII
This will help flesh out the world and justify some of the things I'll do within the first part.

I'll post only finished sections of the prologue.

Demon Child

by far my most advanced storyline. The reason I haven't posted anything on DC is because it has a very complex storyline and at this stage it would be very confusing if I were to post fragments of it.
I might introduce the world of DC a little as I plan on making two 'side stories'.
To demonstrate how weird and silly these ideas sound out of context:
- First one is about how demons got to earth, what really happened during 'the apocalypse'. This is roughly 500 years before my main character is born.

- Second one is about a kind of 'super human' hitman created to kill Angels. Angels aren't celestial beings, they are simply a faction in my universe. More on them in the actual story.
The hitman's body can change from a very stereotypical male to a very stereotypical female form. There are actually two human minds (one male and one female) inside of the hitman. This makes him/her a lovingly disturbing character.
This story happens over about 35-45 years during the lifetime of my main character. The hitman and my main character never meet; the creator of the hitman however is a friend.
Yes this story is integrated into the final plot line.


The skeleton storyline is complete as I have posted before. All I need to do is start writing on it again, for real this time not just isolated events. The line should flesh itself out on its own.
I haven't spend that much time on End. DC and MoD-RL have pushed it away a bit. If I start, I'll be sure to post it.

Vigilantes ~V~
Started as a fanfic about my Mohaa/CoD/CoD2 clan ...

Nothing much to say apart from the fact that it has been completely absorbed by MoD-RL.
the events of V will happen in the gap between MoDII and III. I'm really looking forward to it ...
If I get a few good ideas I'll standardize the idea of V and I'll start writing a few things. The current form is: "Diaries and reports from soldiers on the front and their flashbacks as they tell the story of the 'ghost squad'"
All the reports are gathered and filed top secret. They are all removed from history.

Starcraft fanfic: Strange Alliance

The idea is still there, the line is simple and complete apart from some minor plot details. Probably one of my lightest stories.
It's a fanfiction. So it won't have to be all that big.
All I have to do is feel like 'releasing it' from my mind unto my keyboard...
So. a fanfiction ... eh?


The dormant mammoth.
Maybe after I finish DC...
I have a lot of ideas, some small storylines... But no major plot line ... I just have a universe scattered with several civilizations who all have their own story. I have an intergalactic war that had raged for a couple of million years. And then I have humanity sticking their nose into it, starting it all up again. I focus on politics, social structure, technology, philosophy, religion... All pretty simple... All I have to do now is find a way to ruin all that buildup by putting the fate of the universe into the hands of a couple of side characters and end with the love of two human beings saving the day.
Quite ...

There are a lot of ideas here ... so

© Johan'Antheh'Martens 2007 All Rights Reserved and all that sort of thing.


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